What is Knittersland?
Knittersland is a Digital Platform for the Buyers and Sellers of Apparels, Clothing, Home Textiles and Leather Goods, which is launched with equity investment of Singapore and Bangladesh.
How can I get in touch with Knittersland?
It is a very easy way. Please login in Knittersland as Buyer or Supplier. And get enormous benefits from this platform.
Who can join Knittersland?
Any Buyer, Manufacturer & Supplier can join the Knittersland Platform.
Do I need to pay Knittersland for Registration?
Knittersland don’t take any monthly charge from buyer, Manufaturer & Supplier. Once a Manufacturer or Supplier get any order through knittersland then will take a bit amount of operational cost from them.
Is my data safe on Knittersland?
Yes. It is secure Platform.
What is the Knittersland policy?
You can see the Policy in Home Page of Knittersland Platform.
How to change my e-mail ID and contact details?
Very simple, just log in and then go to your profile page edit option and do the needful.
Why Knittersland is special in comparison to other B2B Platform?
As the Knittersland is a single platform to work globally for all Buyers and Sellers of Garments, Home-textile, Footwares and Leather Goods, where Buyer has got the option to choose sellers from any country of the world and vis a vis Seller has also got option to look for Buyers of the world.
How do I register?
Please click on the link below and put the required information and after clicking on the sign-up button, the registration will be completed. https://www.knittersland.com/register
Why should I become a registered user?
Become a registered user to obtain the full business advantage of the knittersland platform and log in to knittersland as Buyer and Supplier to get enormous benefits from this platform.
How do I change my account information?
You can simply modify the required information from your account's edit options.
Is my privacy and personal information secure on your site?
Yes. Knittersland keeps privacy and personal information secure on its site.
What is your (Knittersland) regular payment method
Bank Account, Visa Card, Master card, TT etc.
How secure is my payment?
Our payment system is protected by international payment getaway as part of the transaction.
Is Knittersland trustworthy?
I am having trouble logging in. How do I change my password?
Click on the “Forget password” button, then enter your email address, then submit it. You will receive a notification via e-mail from knittersland. Open your e-mail and click the ‘Reset Password' button. You'll have the option of submitting a new password and confirming it.

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