Terms and Condition

  • Anybody doing business directly or indirectly in Apparels, Clothing, Home Textiles or Leather Goods with legal documents of his/her countries and is abiding by all customs rules and regulation are eligible to be member at Knittersland.
  • Knittersland Authority will play the role of bridging media only in between the parties through this digital platform, but will not take any responsibility of business engagement as such any loss/profit or dispute Knittersland will not be a partner or liable in any instances, any such claim by any party (Buyer, Manufacturer/seller, Agents and Institution etc) will be void in any court or place of judgment in any country of the world.
  • Knittersland will possess the legislative right to take any legal action against any member doing any act or gesture by which the name and fame of Knittersland may be harmed or diminished.
  • The Company, Farms, Agents or Proprietor needs to apply on prescribed form of this platform duly filled up in all respect with authentic information, documents and legal papers.
  • Knittersland will have the right for asking to produce evidence of proof for any such documents which has got business preference value like OEKO-TEX, GOTS, WRAP, BSCI, ISO Certificates, Accord, Alliance Approval, Grading and Certificates etc.
  • Inclusion of membership to Knittersland Platform is sole discretion of Knittersland Authority.