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The main aim of Knittersland is to bring all the Manufacturers and Buyers of the world under one umbrella for easy and quick interaction in conducting global business. By implementing a global integrated digital platform Knittersland can provide one-stop service to both Buyer and Sellers (Manufacturer), thereby reducing production lead-time and eliminating unnecessary middleman involvement, which is not only a cost increasing factor but also a factor for lengthy production lead time. One-stop service of Knittersland will reduces manufacturing cost significantly, this cost reduction will have positive impact on the product and will help in sustainability of business in the competitive world market. Onboarding to Knittersland Platform means the golden horizon of global-business is open to him (Manufacturer) and he has broken the international boundary and has become a member of one global village. Gradually we are going to include all manufacturers of apparel, clothing, home textiles, footwear, leather goods, accessories, yarn, and fabric. We are also going to include all shipping lines, airlines, C&F Agents, insurance companies, inspecting authorities and lab-testing Authorities. The reliable data and information of Knittersland will provide a unique service to all our members around the world.

Knittersland: Designed to provide the ultimate support with Smart Service for Apparels, Home-textile, Leather goods and Footwear globally

  • We offer the first global digital platform for the Manufacturers and Buyers.
  • Knittersland offers transparency in price quoting, bidding, and order execution in all stages of production by the initiation and inclusion of reports and video clips facilities.
  • Knittersland facilitates all buyers and sellers to interact on one reliable virtual playground for 24 hrs and 7 days, keeping business operations transparent on both sides.
  • Knittersland enables participation on open bidding for any order from any corner of the world with a transparency of price Quotation, Negotiation, Monetary transition, Banking, Documentation, Procurement, Arrangement of Fabric & Accessories, Production in progress and Shipment of the cargo.
  • Our integrated single virtual platform for both Buyers and Sellers (Manufacturer) ensures business security with credential verification by professional peoples.
  • Knittersland aims to stand beside those factories who are falling behind for non-availability of orders due to handicapness in sourcing Buyers either for monetary constrained or for lesser exposure to international business community.
  • Knittersland gives benevolent support to the sick and underutilized factories and creates more employment opportunities for the unemployed.
  • Knittersland is a digital bridging media to fill up all the gaps in business execution by providing virtual support from a highly integrated global platform.

What does the global Home Textile, Apparels, Leather goods, and Footwear sector require today in this era of Industrial Revolution 4.0?

  • Fastest worldwide connection of Buyers and Sellers (Manufacturer)
  • Less time, transportation, and minimizing production-lead time
  • No intermediate involvements of a third party, no additional and unnecessary price hikes
  • Saving on travel expense and time
  • An integrated single digital platform for both buyers and sellers, which guaranteed security with credential verification by professionals.
  • A digital platform which can be termed as virtual paradise for all the apparel and textiles business communities, where both the party can get reliable authenticated data of global buyers and sellers
  • A big impact on price and time reduction with our B2B concept of global business
  • "Smart Service" for mutual business interests and commercial viability as we adopted and going to exercise the most innovative strategies in the "Global Village Business Policy"

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