Privacy policy

To do business in the digital platform in this internet age we need to maintain a privacy policy for both the platform provider and the client. The policy will vary depending on the nature of business and geographical location as such privacy policy cannot be generalized, however in all cases business secrecy to be maintained by either party and in all cases priority to be given to the local law of the participants belonging Country/state and business conducting area. While engaging in business and is joining in Knittersland Platform must solemnly affirmed that in all cases all secrecy of business in respect of documents, certification, banking transition, revenue sharing etc to be operated in clandestine without informing anybody else other than the authorize person who are entitle to share such information, and this privacy policy shall work as legal binding for both the parties whenever any such issue arises. All parties will do business in legal way by meeting all criteria of Tax, VAT, Tariff and custom formalities of the land where the business is being conducted and cargo is shipped for bulk or retail business.