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Buyers will be benefitted from gaining access to a huge number of authenticated and reliable databases of garments manufacturers, conducting efficient search and filter options of Knit, Woven Sweater, Home-textiles, Footwear and Leather Goods; taking advantage of digital showrooms of the platform and would be able to offer standardized quotation request to manufacturer/supplier.

Knittersland assists buyers and sellers to gain global market transparency and to manage their business relationships across the supply chain more efficiently. Moreover, recognizing the potential of SMEs, Knittersland works closely with them. This platform strongly aims to create a zone from which the emerging, high potential SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in Bangladesh RMG industry and in other countries can benefit from. In order to harness their existing potential, SME’s need support from knowledge and data-driven mechanisms, digital operations and a smoother local and global marketing outreach. Knittersland will empower them with data, updated knowledge, and communication tools to improve how they function.

  • Coming to the platform the buyers will meet a huge number of reliable RMG supplier (Manufacturer).
  • The buyer would be able to request quotation from any supplier through this platform as per his need and choice.
  • Knittersland platform will be manned for 24 hrs. 365 days to support the buyers on any need and crisis.
  • The buyers will be able to do global business at once in this platform Knittersland an international gateway for RMG, Footwear and Leather Goods business worldwide without any hustles.
  • All information regarding costing, procurement, production and commission (if any) will be transparent for both (Buyer and Supplier).
  • The buyer will be able to come in contact with the supplier without any middle men involvement and thereby would be able to purchase any order in a very competitive price.

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